Compass Instruments Nigeria Limited!

We Procure and Supply genuine fire/safety equipment and spare parts

Compass Instruments Nigeria Limited was incorporated on 20th July 2006 with RC No 660773. Our area of expertise is predominantly material acquisition/purchasing for the oil and non oil sector of the industry. It was born out of a desire to take the service to the consumer, putting the consumer first in all we do.

The tagline ”…Supporting the Oil and Gas Industry” was chosen to reflect the type of business compass instrument Nigeria Limited is engaged in.

  • Highly Experienced Employees
  • Commitment to Quality and Prompt Services Delivery
  • Adherence to High Operational Safety Standard

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Compass Instruments

Customer Service Philosophy

At compass we have several principles that define our philosophy of distinctive customer services.

We have defined and identified our own growth as a function in our customer’s business as well as success in daily endeavours.

Compass Philosophy

  • Commitment to Quality Services Delivery
  • Ensure continuous improvement
  • Listen to customers
  • Persevere in the face of difficulty
  • Constantly seeking to provide more customer value
  • Honor promises

Core Competences

  • Technical Skills
  • Manpower
  • Prompt Services Delivery
  • Adherence to high operational safety standard
  • Adherence to “Best Practices” standards in service Delivery.

Our Strategy

  • Serve first. Sell second.
  • Count the hard and soft benefits.
Our Credo
  • Customers are the heart of our business.
  • The pleasure of our customer is our pleasure.

For genuine fire/safety equipment or spare parts?

+234 808 337 4181

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Compass Instruments

Customer Service Philosophy

The Compass Team does not regard Service Quality improvement as a program, but rather as a holistic organization design process that requires dedication and endurable commitment as a fundamental culture from management and Employee alike.

The success that each individual team members defined in a personal habit of continuously improving performance every day. Nothing less will do.

We are aware that everything we do touches other people and adds meaning to our own lives and work. Each self-directed team demonstrates a deep commitment to the initiative. At Compass the buck stops at every table.

Compass Philosophy

People who care about the customer and who communicate in an honest timely fashion inhabit our organization. Our standard is to save time and money for the customer. It is commonly quoted in our meetings: give customers what they want quickly. Each member of our team has a mandate to commit to that standard.

We at Compass Instrument have put in place carefully constructed processes and system designed to solve these challenges more efficiently, more completed and in less time. Our integrity and consistency have remained unquestioned.

We take your patronage seriously, knowing that it represents your confidence in us.

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