About Us

Compass Instrument Nigeria Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on 20th July 2006 with RC No 660773 to support the oil and non oil sector.

Areas of Expertise

Our area of expertise is predominantly material acquisition / purchasing for the oil and non oil sector of the industry.

Our Services

Compass Instrument Nigeria Limited is involved in the procurement of all types of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic equipment/spare parts

Compass Instruments Nigeria Limited!

Procurement and Supply of
Genuine Fire/Safety Equipment and Spare Parts

Our goal is to impact positively on our clients in terms of provision of quality oil services, instruments and materials.


Compass Instruments Nigeria limited offer equipment expertise and advice, because we understand that specialized products require customized expert support.


Safety is our priority. Our products meet high safety standards and are therefore used and accepted in the refining, power, chemical and petrochemical industries, worldwide.


Quality is always at the core of our business. Our products and systems are subjected to thorough measurements and quality checks throughout the production process.

our services

We Deliver Outstanding
Products & Services

Compass Instruments Nigeria Limited has a global reputation providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, controlling process valves, fire and safety equipment. Our focus on technology and supplying reliable products manufactured to the highest industry standards, makes us a preferred choice with the world’s leading process companies and a trusted partner developing even better solutions for the future.

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Our Focus

We focus on adding value by designing processes geared towards profit-maximizing cost–effective but highly customer driven-system to support a strategy of customer-focus which has steadily pushed us into the limelight as the company that actually cares.

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Industries We Serve

Compass Instruments Nigeria Limited is an established global supplier of valve position monitoring and control systems to industries such as oil and gas, power, water, mining, chemical and food and beverage. With innovative solutions, technological know-how and engineering expertise. Compass Instruments is a preferred choice for businesses around the world.

Oil & Gas

Accurate monitoring and control of valves used throughout the Oil & Gas chain is essential to maintain operation efficiency and safety.


Compass Instruments Nigeria Limited  integrated products and smart solutions meet the needs of many sectors within the process industries


When it comes to critical applications within the power industry, Compass Instruments experienced application teams assist in delivering solutions


Compass Instruments products are used in some of the most hard-working industries and provide reliable operation for our customers


Compass Instruments products and smart solutions assist in the distribution, transmission, desalination, treatment, recycling and reusing of water

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